Sundowning is common with Alzheimer’s. What is Sundowning?

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The Alzheimer’s Association has a great article that describes what Sundowning is but more importantly some of the causes and coping strategies.

People with Alzheimer’s and dementia may have problems sleeping or increases in behavioral problems that begin at dusk and last into the night (known as sundowning).

Some studies indicate as many as 20 percent of persons with Alzheimer’s will experience increased confusion, anxiety and agitation beginning late in the day.

Read more on the Alzheimer’s Association website: What is Sundowning?

Another coping strategy not mentioned in the article is medication.  The use of medication to treat Alzheimer’s related issues such as sundowning is a personal family decision and should be discussed with your healthcare professional.  Some medications even in very small doses can do wonders for sundowning and other Alzheimer’s related issues and/or behaviors.


All Alzheimer’s and sundowning experiences are different for each family.  Some of these sundowning coping strategies may work for you and some may not.  Please feel free to share your Alzheimer’s and sundowning experiences… what has worked or not worked for your family.