What is a Geriatrician? And why should all seniors have one.

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All seniors should have a Geriatrician whether they have Alzheimer’s or not.  I often explain the need of a Geriatrician to caregivers and seniors with this anecdote…  If you had heart related issues would you let your primary doctor do open heart surgery?  Of course not, you would seek out a specialist. So the same should be true for our aging loved ones.  If they have age related issues, not just memory deficits, you need to see a Geriatrician.  Although suspecting memory care issues is a huge indicator or needing a Geriatrician on board as part of your health care team.  They do not replace your primary care doctor just as the cardiac physician would not replace your primary care physician. They simply are another hands on deck with specialized training in the area of aging health related issues.

Definition: Geriatrician – a physician who has completed a residency in either Internal Medicine or Family Medicine with an additional one or two year fellowship training in the medical, social, and psychological issues that concern older adults.

This article “My mom fooled the doctor about her memory – How does that happen?” is a very common occurrence with families caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s and dementia related disorders.